Perth Modern school plan

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 19 May 2017   Posted by admin


PERTH Modern School board has proposed the construction of a new public school alongside the historic Subiaco historic site in a bid to keep its academically select students from being moved to a new CBD high school.

Under the new State Government’s Education Central Plan, the schools brightest pupils would be relocated to a new multi-storey school in Northbridge by 2020.

Perth Modern would then be reopened to local students.

Mark McGowan’s election promise was to establish the Perth Academic College, replacing the academically select school currently operating at Perth Modern.

The vertical high school will be custom designed, with the CBD site provide opportunities to take advantage of the existing transport hub around the Perth Train Station, and includes Memorandums of Understanding with a range of existing facilities including the State Theatre Centre, the Art Gallery of WA and the State Library.

The new 17,000sqm Academic College will be include the latest technology and equipment for gifted students.

However, the board’s alternative proposal has the backing of the school’s P&C and the Perth Modernian Society.

Perth Modern Society President Peter Farr said in a statement that despite genuine concerns expressed from students, parents, the school board, school administration and the general public, the education central plan is going ahead.

Mr Farr said it was amazing that Minister for Education Sue Ellery had not held a meeting with key stakeholders on the proposal, and seemed to have assumed that a forklift transfer of students would work out fine.

“The public can, in May, expect to see more vocal opposition led by the Save Perth Modern Action Group,” he said.

The board’s proposal would result in a new local-entry 7800sqm school being built next to Perth Modern.

Minister Ellery responded to the Perth Modern School Board’s proposal, saying that the State Government would be making an announcement about how the Education Central Plan will progress in the coming weeks.